JustChurch:  is an open and affirming worshiping community rooted in ancient practices and focused on acts of justice.
JustChurch is the ministering community of Beloved Community Initiative

Join us in person for weekly worship on Saturdays at 5:00pm  
at Trinity Episcopal Church, 320 E. College St., Iowa City.

You are also welcome to join us on Zoom.  Click here to Contact us for the link.    



What are JustActions?  

Simply put, JustActions are actions designed to further justice in the world.

JustChurch plans JustActions, welcoming others to participate, and also participates in other groups’ actions.

Periodically throughout the year, JustChurch facilitates JustActions that spring from the community’s engagement with God’s living Word. JustActions can be found on the calendar.


JustGroups are organizations that JustChurch is partnering with to further justice in the world. Some of these groups are:

 Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project 

How does a weary world rejoice: Songs for Advent and Christmas

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