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Lent Week Six - Even the stones cry out


About the Art and Artist

“Even the Stones Cry Out”

by Rev. Lauren Wright Pittman

Inspired by Luke 19:28-40

Digital painting with photo collage

When I began this image, I wanted the medium to be the message. Initially I thought I might make a mosaic of stones, however, I was wisely encouraged by my colleagues to try photography and digital collage. I went out into my side yard and picked up rocks to take pictures of them. As I quickly scanned for interesting rocks, I was underwhelmed by what I was seeing. I had already decided that the rocks were going to be dull and boring. My color enthusiast self was annoyed by the prospect of dusty neutral tones and minimal contrast.

This was an interesting place to begin my process, considering the text I was working with. I was definitely underestimating what the rocks would have to offer the piece, and was preemptively disappointed about the mundane color schemes and textures I would have to work with from my photographs. Gosh, was I wrong. As I downloaded the images and began to edit them, a wide spectrum of color came into view. Most of the hues were entirely shocking and unexpected: periwinkle, magenta, turquoise, mauve, rust, orange, gold, and plum, just to name a few. It was as if God was saying to me, “See, even if you turn a blind eye, and your assumptions distract you, the stones will cry out.”

In this piece there are three stones bordered in gold to reference the voice of God, the truth that will not be quelled. Down the sides of the image are the Pharisees or the “silencers” in postures of quieting judgment. My hope was for the silencers to be completely visually enveloped and drowned out by the stones. I left the silencers simplified and unfinished to signify that their attempts at diminishing the truth would ultimately and always be in vain.

—Rev. Lauren Wright Pittman

Rev. Lauren Wright Pittman

Lauren (she/her) is an artist, graphic designer, and theologian. She uses

paint, metallic inks, and Apple pencil to image the layered complexity

she experiences in scripture texts. She also helps faith communities

share their vibrant stories through branding & design services.

Art courtesy of A Sanctified Art: sanctifiedart.org

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